1. Do your research. Make sure the agency you choose can provide staff in your area. Recognition Model & Talent is nationwide.

2. Do make sure you tell Recognition M&T what type of event staff you are looking for and how many staff will be needed for the project.

3. Do feel free to contact Recognition throughout the event if you have any questions. We are always accessible throughout the events.

4. Do notify Recognition Model & Talent if you are requesting preferred talent for future events.

5. Do give us your feedback. It’s important to know we are providing you with excellent event staff and helping your business grow.

6. Do email us today for more details or call us at 469-214-9311.

If you have an event request, click  here


1. Don’t be afraid to let us know if you need assistance when choosing talent. Recognition Model & Talent has tons of experience in the industry and can provide the best talent for your event based on your criteria.

2. Don’t stress if you have a tight time frame in which you need event talent. Check with us about our last-minute event staffing policy.

3. Don’t solicit event talent from Recognition Model & Talent. Recognition’s agency policy excludes our talent from working with clients without the agency being involved.

4. Don’t be afraid to contact Recognition should any issue arise during the event.

5. Don’t hesitate to  contact Recognition Model & Talent for your next event.